Tickets & Registration

DrupalCon remains one of the least expensive tech conferences around thanks to our generous sponsors.
Note: All deadlines are 11:59PM PST (UTC -8).

DrupalCon Registration

A ticket to DrupalCon gives you full conference access Tuesday through Thursday and entry to the code sprint on Friday. All pricing is in US dollars. Visit for the current exchange rate.

Earlybird $400 January 8 - March 15
Regular $500 March 16 - April 26
Late $550 April 27 - May 17
Onsite $600 May 19 - May 23

Symfony Live & WebVisions Combo Pass

A Combo Pass gives you full conference access to DrupalCon, Symfony Live and WebVisions conferences. Learn more.

Earlybird $500 January 8 - March 15
Regular $600 March 16 - April 26
Late $650 April 27 - May 17
Onsite $700 May 19 - May 23

Combo Pass Upgrade

If you've already registered for DrupalCon and want to upgrade to the Combo Pass, you can do so at any time for just $100.

General $100 January 8 - May 23


We will be offering 15 full-day trainings on Monday, May 20, from 9:00am-6:00pm. Trainings are $440 for the full day unless otherwise indicated.

Training $440 March 12 - May 23

CXO Event

DrupalCon CXO is a one-day business event on Monday, May 20, from 9:00am-3:00pm. This event is for business leaders from organizations whose main activity is Drupal.

General $195 This event is sold out.

Prepaid Tickets

Are you purchasing tickets for one or more individuals (excluding yourself)? You can prepay on behalf of others by purchasing prepaid tickets to DrupalCon! Simply pay for the number of people attending the conference and we will send you a coupon code so your attendees can register themselves for free.

Earlybird $400 March 12 - March 15
Regular $500 March 16 - April 26
Late $550 April 27 - May 17

Exhibit Hall

The Exhibit Hall pass gives you full access to the DrupalCon Exhibit Hall and Day Stage on Tuesday through Thursday. Purchase this ticket if you will not be attending the conference, as access to the Exhibit Hall and Day Stage is included in conference registration.

Regular $20 January 8 - May 17
Onsite $35 May 19 - May 23

Carbon Offset your Travel

If you would like to off-set your travel, we encourage you to use this link so we may get tracking data for our sustainability reports.

5-Day Transit Pass

This complimentary pass is good for the duration of DrupalCon for TriMet buses, the Portland Streetcar or MAX Light Rail in the Portland metropolitan area. Depending on your hotel, you may need this pass to travel to the convention center. This pass is also good for your TriMet transportation to the airport, provided you are departing before the expiration date on your pass. Do not lose this pass. It will not be replaced. If lost, the fare for an Adult TriMet pass is $2.50/2-hour ticket or $5.00/1-day. You must have this pass with you at all times on TriMet transportation. You do not need it to board, but will need to show the pass to a fare inspector if they board your train. If you do not have your pass, the fine is $175. For information on routes and schedules, check and

Other Ticket Options

Full-time students, employees of nonprofits, and media professionals interested in covering DrupalCon should apply to attend DrupalCon at a free or reduced rate. Please note that completing these forms does not register you for DrupalCon; you will still need to register for the conference after we have reviewed and approved your application.

Payment Methods

If you are paying through the site's Shopping Cart, you can use Visa, MasterCard or AmEx credit or debit cards at checkout. Alternately, if you have selected the "Pay by Invoice" option at checkout, you will receive instructions in which you can pay by check or via PayPal. Sorry, we do not accept bank transfer (wire) payments.
If you need a W9 form from the Drupal Association, you can request one here.

Refund Policy

All DrupalCon tickets are non-refundable, however we make it very easy to transfer your registration to another person. Simply contact our Help Desk with your request.