We are excited to have so many inspiring leaders presenting at DrupalCon Portland.


Dries Buytaert

Drupal Project Lead and CTO, Acquia

The Current State of Drupal 8
Tuesday, May 21 - 11:30am-12:45pm | Hall A

Dries will present his State of Drupal keynote, revealing the current state of Drupal 8 between Feature Freeze and Code Freeze, also giving a glimpse of what's beyond Drupal 8 after we have a successful release.

Karen McGrane

UX and Design Expert and Author

Thriving in a World of Change: Future-friendly Content with Drupal
Wednesday, May 22 - 09:00am-10:15am | Hall A

What if we could get away from the cyclical churn, the constant reinvention? Instead of trying to get all new content every time there's a redesign (or worse, shoving crappy old content into stylish new clothes) it's time to plan for the future.

Michael Lopp

Rands in Repose

The Engineering, The Designer, and the Dictator
Thursday, May 23 - 09:00am-10:15am

During the course of your career, it is likely you will have an undeniable urge to build a thing. It is equally likely that while you are well-intentioned, you are horrifically bad at a skill that is essential to successful thing building.

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