Portland Team

Thank you to the many organisers and volunteers from Portland, Oregon, and across the world, who have helped make DrupalCon Portland awesome.

Thank you to the DrupalCon Portland Team

The following people have contributed to the making of this conference:

Content Team

Program Coordinator: Stephanie El-Hajj
Content Lead: Michelle Johansen
Global Team Manager: Rick Nashleanas

Local Content Team

Business and Strategy: Aaron Longwell
Coding and Development: Michael Nielson
Community: Jason Yee
Frontend: Ivan Boothe
User Experience (UX): Andrea Burton
Site Building: Dan Linn
Core Conversations: Greg Dunlap
Government, Nonprofit, and Education: Greg Lund-Chaix
DevOps: Jeff Sheltren and Narayan Newton

Training: Jessica Wilson
Contribution Sprints: Cathy Theys

Global Team

Coding + Development: Kevin Bridges and Stefan Freudenberg
Community: Karyn Cassio and João Ventura
DevOps: Kris Buytaert
Frontend: Ken Woodworth and John Ferris
Government, Nonprofit, and Education: Jon Clark
Business + Strategy: Bert Boerland and George DeMet
Site Building: Allie Micka and Florian Loretan
UX: Todd Nienkerk and Jozef Toth
Core Conversations: Larry Garfield and Dries Buytaert

Contribution Sprints: xjm, add1sun, ZenDoodles
Speaker Trainer: Emma Jane Hogbin
Social Media: Paul Johnson


Executive Director: Holly Ross
Production Lead: Diana Connolly, Groundswell Marketing

Marketing & Communications

MarCom Manager: Amy Cham
Social Media: Alex Laughnan
News: Nicole Finneman, Cecy Correa


Sponsorship Sales: Megan Sanicki and Richard Peet
Sponsor Fulfillment: Ruth Fuller

Design Partner

Company: ServerLogic
Design Lead: Lisa Jansen


Scholarships/Applications: jam (Jeffrey A. McGuire)
Help Desk: James Nicholas


Developer: Tyler Ward
Theming & Responsive: Dan Muzyka, Lisa Jansen, and Amber Himes
Copywriters: Alex Laughnan and Nicole Finneman

Site Credits

Many our images are sourced by the community.