High Performance Drupal with MariaDB (a MySQL branch)

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Behind every successful Drupal website, there exists a well tuned database. It is no secret that a default configured MySQL will not get you far in the long term, hence the art of performance tuning MySQL for Drupal at scale.

MariaDB is a backwards compatible, drop-in replacement to MySQL, that has gained much momentum in recent times, and tends to be the default in many distributions of choice now. With its additional feature set, one can take advantage of the better query optimizer, more performant key caches, an opensource threadpool for multiple connections with short running queries and binary log group commit for when your database needs grow beyond a single instance to a replicated one. Learn about cases of using GIS with Drupal & MariaDB.

Learn how to take advantage of the new features in MariaDB, to get Drupal to scale. The talk will also touch on new developments around MariaDB Galera Cluster and how that can be used for read/write scaling of Drupal.

In conclusion there will also be a case study featuring a popular site with over 50,000 entries, scaling better with MariaDB.

As an aside, Drupal was one of the first few opensource projects that recommended MariaDB alongside MySQL so this is a great turn of events overall.

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Wednesday, May 22 - 05:00pm-06:00pm
C 123 - Trellon
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This sounds interesting, database are often a bottleneck and I have not explored the new features of MariaDB yet.