Tooling for Drupal core initiatives

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Different Drupal 8 core initiatives used different tools to achieve their goals, some of the most common tools included:

We wish we'd have tools as rich as envisioned in but we mostly needed to turn to our own solutions for what worked for our initiatives. What can we learn from these tools and approaches and what kind of improvements would be ideal on to help teams work better.

This is targeted to be more a discussion than a presentation so do not expect leaning back and reading slides all the way.

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Wednesday, May 22 - 02:15pm-03:15pm
A 105 - Pantheon
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I think we desperately need to have this discussion. During retrospective discussions about the Drupal 8 initiatives, we consistently come back to the need for good tools to help resolve a variety of problems that we've faced. I'm very interested in how the d.o of the future can better facilitate large projects like the core initiatives, and also in ways that we can use d.o to encourage contribution to these projects and in general.