Farewell, Portland. Hello Austin!

We are so excited that DrupalCon Portland was such an amazing success with more than 3,300 attendees, phenomenal speakers, and so many great community events where everyone bonded and had fun. And, as DrupalCon Portland comes to an end, we are very pleased to announce that our next North American DrupalCon will be held in Austin,Texas on June 2-6, 2014 at the Austin Convention Center.

Austin is a perfect city for hosting a DrupalCon because the local Drupal community is vibrant and growing and will add their own special (BBQ?) sauce to make this event shine. And, you’ll love visiting Austin’s popular destinations, soaking up the local music scene, dodging the bats at Congress Avenue Bridge, and being inspired by the city’s innovative culture.

It’s easy to get to Austin and to get around to all the sites. Plus, it’s really affordable. The official DrupalCon hotels are Hilton Austin and the Radisson and our reduced conference rate for a queen sized room is $172 - $209 per night. But don’t take it from us, Diana Montalion Dupuis, our community lead for DrupalCon Austin says: “I am proud of the vibrant tech community in Austin and can't wait to share the vibe. If geeks migrated, they'd spend every winter in Austin."

All of this goodness of community, culture, and innovation will be captured in the DrupalCon Austin brand thanks to our Official Design Partner for DrupalCon 2014, CTI Digital, who will be responsible for the awesome design you will start seeing for our 2014 DrupalCons.

This year, we improved our selection process for finding a design partner. Rather than using an RFP process, we conducted interviews that allowed us to better engage and evaluate the relative merits of the creative professionals who applied. This made a big difference in understanding the full breadth of each companies’ design talents and let me tell you...we were WOWed by all the talent! We are so thankful for all the companies that participated. It was a difficult choice, but in the end CTI Digital showed us the power of branding as they looked beyond their UK roots and hit the bullseye with a brand that exudes the spirit of Austin,Texas and Drupal creativity. Congrats CTI Digital and welcome to the DrupalCon family.

Visit the DrupalCon Austin website at 8:00pm CDT to see the swarm!

Stay informed on DruaplCon Austin announcements by subscribing to the DrupalCon newsletter and following @drupalcon on twitter.

Thank you again to everyone who joined us in DrupalCon Portland - we look forward to seeing you again next year in Austin!


...and would be even greater in, say, March;). Boston and Chicago in March and now this? One wonders if the Drupal Association understands North American seasons;).

To be fair, the Boston/Chicago weather wasn't so bad, and I imagine off-season rates make this scheduling approach more attractive...

The website looks awesome (bat swarm!) but is missing the dates of the conference, which I would guess is the #1 reason people are visiting the Austin site at this point.

I do see here that it's June 2-6, but it really ought to be there as well.

Haha, oops...great catch Kelley!
We'll have our designers work on getting the dates added to the Austin site right away!