C.O.M.P.S Foosball Tournament and Reception

Metal Toad Media. OMBU Web. SuperStar Media. Culture Foundry. Puppet Labs. Names that companies have that make you think of things. Now think about this: A Party.
Five companies have banded together to create the ultimate Portland/Foosball/Drupal party on Wednesday the 22nd at the new offices of Puppet Labs. Only 15 minutes from the Convention Center on bus/streetcar using your Tri-met pass.

We will provide food, beverages, and people to run the tournament. You will bring your "A" game.
We have enough space in the tournament bracket for 32 2-person teams. Space at the venue is about 200 total, so sign up soon.
Please join us for a night of fierce competition and intense foosball/drupal theorhetical conversation.

Event Info

Date: Wednesday May 22nd
Time: 7pm - 10pm
Cost: Free, limited space though
Location: Puppet Labs, 926 Northwest 13th Avenue | Map