DrupalCon Portland Day 3: We use Drupal to help others

It's Day 3 of DrupalCon, and so much has happened in the last 72 hours! From keynotes and two full days of recorded sessions, gallons of Stumptown, and let's be honest, sore feet from all the walking... well take a deep breath, because it's not over yet!

So, here's what happened yesterday...

We built a website to help the tornado victims in Oklahoma

On Tuesday night, a team of volunteer Drupal developers gathered in the DrupalCon Portland coder lounge to build a website to help FEMA help the victims of the Oklahoma tornado.

It's amazing to be part of #drupal4ok I've learned more in my time here working with these guys than anywhere else. #drupalcon

— Vincent Flesouras (@vinsnazzypants) May 22, 2013

Watch Drupalers gathered in the DrupalCon Portland Coder Lounge to help build the help4ok.org site.

Watch Day 2 Sessions Online

Our BOF boards are overflowing with topics, so if you had to make the tough decisions between a session and a BOF yesterday, you can subscribe to our Youtube channel to watch day 2 sessions later. Problem solved!

Thursday Keynote

We are so excited to have Michael Lopp of Rands in Repose join us for the final keynote of DrupalCon Portland. We've learned about Drupal 8, and using Drupal to make content bend to your will, now join us to learn about getting your teams to work together to build the stuff you want. Watch "The Engineer, The Designer, and the Dictator", live today at 9:00am PDT.

If you missed Karen McGrane's keynote yesterday, you can watch the video here: Thriving in a world of change: Future-friendly content with Drupal. Watch her challenge everything we thought we knew about Drupal as a content management tool.

DrupalCon Trivia Night with Jeff Eaton

You still have time to run to the DrupalCon Bookstore (C121) and stock up on Drupal books to prepare for trivia night tonight! Our normal trivia emcees from Drupal Ireland won't be joining us (they're preparing for DrupalCamp Dublin this weekend) so Mr. Jeff Eaton will be gracing us instead.

And with Angie (webchick) home with a shiny new webchicklet of her own, your team actually has a chance to win this!

Trivia Night is tonight from 9:00pm-12:00am in OR Ballroom 204.