Now Accepting DrupalCon Portland Trainings!

So you think you are pretty awesome at all things Drupal, but you’ve got one area that you just want to share with the world (or the fine people attending DrupalCon Portland)? Have you presented a Drupal-related training that attendees thought was awe-inspiring? Do you have the insight into a certain aspect of Drupal that you know will help others?

In addition to 3 days of amazing sessions, DrupalCon Portland will have an all-day training day on Monday, May 22, the day before sessions start. We are accepting training submissions until February 15, so don’t wait - submit today by going to

Here are the criteria for training selection:

  • The course will increase trainee's skills in Drupal.
  • There is industry demand for training in this subject area.
  • The training must have been successfully run before with the same or similar format and audience.
  • The course description, learning objectives, prerequisites, and target audience are clearly described.
  • The course agenda describes a well-paced plan to teach the skills listed in the learning objectives
  • The trainers have experience as trainers and professional experience in the subject matter.
  • The trainer(s) have a proven track record of providing excellent learning experiences.
  • The trainer(s) have a clearly articulated plan for marketing this course and attracting sales.
  • If available, feedback demonstrating the quality of the trainers and training is a plus.

It’s also highly encouraged to provide a follow-up to the training, so attendees have a resource after the fact.

Do you have questions about the new submission process?

Join us for an open conference call at 10:00am PST on Tuesday, January 29 for Training Submission Q&A. The conference call will be a forum for you to ask any questions, including anything that is holding you back from submitting. To join us on the call, find your country's dial in and enter the meeting number #883587. You can find this information on the DrupalCon Portland Training site as well.

Chosen trainings will be published March 12, the same day registration opens for the public.

Happy submitting!