Prepaid ticket holders and fellow procrastinators; online registration ends Friday

Prepaid ticket holders, sponsors with unredeemed coupon codes, and any unregistered person looking to not pay the onsite price to attend DrupalCon have just over 24 hours to register before online registration closes this Friday, May 17 at 5:00pm PDT.

Check out these incredible benefits of registering before Friday:

  1. Save that $50 late fee and buy yourself something nice. The Drupal Association will gladly take your donation, but couldn't you use a cute new bag for spring?
  2. Register in the comfort of your home / office / coffee shop. Filling out your badge information in your favorite bunny slippers never felt so good!
  3. Avoid the onsite line of sadness where the procrastinators go to register, which is quite similar to a grocery store late at night with only one checker.
  4. Receive our fun and exciting Attendee emails before the conference to help better prepare for your week at DrupalCon.
  5. Bask in the pride and accomplishment that comes with having a completed order in your account. It's like a college degree, just unframed.

With so much going on at DrupalCon next week, there's no reason to wait any longer to register.

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