Meet the Modernizr module

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Using Modernizr for your sites? Are you just including the file in your theme or are you getting the most out of this awesome library?

In this session we will look under the hood of the Modernizr Drupal module. More than just drupal_add_js(), this module offers an API that extends Modernizr and adapts it to your custom-built Drupal site.

  • Feature test management: when new modules or themes are added they can report that they need a specific test included and alert you to update Modernizr
  • Link to new builds: go straight from your Drupal admin screen to with the form filled out, ready for download
  • Conditional loading API: any module or theme can take advantage of Modernizr.load() using either an .info file or a Drupal hook. Yes, really!
  • Drush integration: create Modernizr custom builds straight from the command line! Automation++

This session will include demos for all of the above features, and will highlight numerous modules and themes that can already take advantage of this module. We'll also briefly discuss the future roadmap and how these ideas are feeding into Drupal 8.


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Tuesday, May 21 - 03:15pm-04:15pm
OR 202 - Lullabot
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