It's not "their Drupal" - It's OUR Drupal

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The ballad of Drupal
How did we go from being 40 geeks in a basement to a Community with Drupals all over the world & not a weekend without a gathering somewhere on the planet.

The two legged monster
In the world of Drupal we have two major dominant groups, that are usually in direct opposition: Tree hugging hippies & the greedy evil capitalist (!) In the kingdom of Drupal these 2 factions have (so far) been able to live in almost peace, what can we gain from that duality & can they keep work together in the Drupalsphere.

The Evil Empire
Why do we need a Drupal Association ?
What do they do with the millions (no trillions of usd) ;)
What can the DA do for you
Structure, understanding & benefits

A Gathering of Geeks
The gatherings around the world have been a huge factor in the growth of the Drupal community.
The importance of meeting person to person may look from the outside as a simple excuse to hang out, party & take a vacation to exotic new places (from naked in Copenhagen, to dancing with dinosaurs in chicago & drinks on the beach in sydney)
What can we learn from this & do it have an factor in the way we write code?

at first light we ride!
We came for the code & are staying for the community.
How do we keep the growth, focus & not forget the sheer enjoyment of creating something thats a bit bigger than our self.
Where is your role in all this, do you even have a role & is it okay to just wanna fix that goddamn bug, and not care about Drupal's COC (and is that actually an animal?) can you participate in core development without submitting bugs (hint yes you can)

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Tuesday, May 21 - 02:00pm-03:00pm
OR 204 - Blackmesh
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could the presenter kindly remove the swear word in the last paragraph? i.e. unkind deity reference


Funny, I thought the big difference is between those who build websites using the GUI interface and the command-line people who think Drush is the answer for everything.

Tell me I'm wrong.