Put the "Ops" in "Dev": What Developers Need to Know About DevOps

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With so many tools to insulate us, its difficult to see that luxury can come with hidden costs. Those hidden costs may include security, performance, scalability and maintainability. Startups may let developers lay down the infrastructure which can create some major headaches down the road if done incorrectly.

This session will cover some of the basic skills and techniques you should follow as a developer doing operations tasks. From understanding the limitations of underlying hardware, to packaging your code to make deployments better, to learning the basics of the different systems architectures. The goal is to help developers to have a better understanding of how operations works and have a harmonious (less grumpy) operations team when they get hired.

Meet the team that helps to support some of the largest open source projects in the world (including Drupal.org) and learn some easy tools and techniques that can make your code better no matter where it’s deployed.

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Tuesday, May 21 - 10:15am-11:15am
Hall A1 - Acquia
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