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  1. A short video overview
  2. This training is for you!
  3. Why this training is amazing
  4. What you will be learning
  5. What you get with this training
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A short video overview



This training is for you

  1. If you want to meet lots Drupal experts and get tons of one-on-one help
  2. If you feel like you learn faster or slower than a typical student and want to set your own pace
  3. If you have a hard time listening to lectures (who doesn't?)
  4. If you typically have a lot of questions about what you're learning
  5. If you're not sure what your skill level is or what you should be focusing on


Why this training is amazing

This training has helped hundreds and hundreds of students over the last couple of years, and allows every single student to focus and learn the material that will be the most useful to them. Here's a breakdown of the big benefits:

Lots of one-on-one help: This training is all about personal interactions between you and Drupal experts (More than 10 of them are on board). If you have particular tools you want to learn, or hurdles you're trying to get over in your current projects, you'll have a chance to talk one-on-one with trainers who can help. Our team not only has extensive experience in the field, they are also seasoned trainers and can help you with the tools you need to discover your own solutions once you're out of the classroom.

Learn at your own pace: Whereas most trainings are the same for every student, in this training you get to work at your own pace through material that's just right for your skill level.

Real-world scenarios: It's relatively easy to learn Drupal in pieces, the hard part is putting the pieces together for practical projects. In this training, you have the opportunity to learn in a way that shows you how each piece works together in real-world projects.

A rocking good time: Because you get the opportunity to interact with skilled trainers and other students more than you would in other trainings, it can be a lot more fun and allow you to make connections that will really come in handy later on.


What you will be learning

The extensive BuildAModule curriculum allows you to focus on exactly what you need to know. You will only be able to work through a portion of the videos in the classroom, but we give you 4 months of access to the video library so you can start before the training and continue long after the training is over.

In the training, you can focus on one topic, or build up some basics in several topics. We will have experts that are well-versed in all of these and that can help you choose where you start:

  • Basic Site Building: If you're new to Drupal, this will get you familiar with basic concepts, modules and techniques.
  • Advanced Site Building: How to work with modules like Views, Panels and Display Suite to position and organize content on your site.
  • Basic PHP Programming: If you have some basic Drupal skills and want to start working with code, this will help you build the basics.
  • Theming: How to work with themes and sub-themes to override the display of anything you see on a Drupal site.
  • Module Building: If you know some PHP and are ready to start extending Drupal, this will get you familiar with the most important APIs.


What you get with this training

  • 4 months of access over 850 videos on BuildAModule (worth $116)
  • Opportunities to connect one-on-one with numerous Drupal rock stars
  • A unique sticker badge to mark your completion of the course


How it works

The structure of the training might sound a little strange if you haven't experience it before, but it's incredibly powerful:

Step 1: Select a set of videos to focus on

Why videos? By using videos, we allow you to move at your own pace through what is usually a very linear lecture. Instead of sitting back and listing to someone talk on stage, you can instead experience the same lecture in bite-sized pieces that you can play back at half- or double-speed while skipping what you already know, all of which help you to move faster.

Each video also has a scrolling transcript which allows you to use parts of your brain that aren't used nearly as much in a typical lecture, helping you to keep focused and comprehend more.

Step 2: When you have questions or problems, grab a mentor

Because we're not lecturing, us trainers are free to help you 100% of the time with your questions, no matter how basic or complicated. And you won't be interrupting anyone by getting help, since there's not a lecture being piped over the loudspeakers.

But can't I watch videos at home?

Good question! And yes, definitely. In fact, we give you full access to our video library and encourage you to watch as many videos as you can before the training so you can come with questions.

But there are some real advantages to watching the videos in a focused training like this, including:

  • Experts are within reach all the time to help you with questions or problems (this is huge!)
  • Trainers can help direct you in real time when there's something specific you want to learn
  • It's much easier to stay focused when you're with a group of people all learning at the same time
  • Video learning is more enjoyable in a group, and that increases stamina and makes it feel less like work


Your trainers

Your trainers are, across the board, experienced Drupal practitioners and also skilled trainers. You're going to have a great time with this bunch.

Click any of the links below to view your trainer's profile page and learn more about them:


Happy trainee feedback

"I'm totally happy. I solved a problem I've been working on for months"

"The mentored training was new to me and it was a fun experience. You are a gifted teacher."

"Excellent set of resources, between access to all the videos and the helpful mentors."

" Today's run-through was good for me in several ways. It got me on track to learn what I need to about PHP and some of the other components. Also, I am the sort of person who really likes to hear discussions among people who are more advanced in a subject that I am ...The conversations I was able to listen in on exposed me to facets of the subject I'd never imagined. Thanks to today's work, I have been able to refocus my efforts and know what I need to do … I appreciate all the effort, do keep up the good work."

"It absolutely rocked! Lots of positive feedback. Some of the trainees were doing some amazing things by the end of the day, having started from scratch."

"We had a great time at the TCDrupal Build a Module training yesterday. We had almost 40 attendees and they were *very* engaged. Everyone came back ready to rock after lunch, and we even picked up a few people from the more advanced training. Everyone was so engrossed that we had to drag them away from their laptops when it was time to go!"

"Wow! Really enjoying this. You have done such a good job of explaining this stuff. I'm here at the Drupal Camp in Minneapolis, Minnesota today with all the people doing your training and it seems to be going really well. At lunch we had some good discussions about this."

"Just wanted to follow up to let you know that training on Saturday was a big success. We had about 25 students. We got really positive feedback, and people seemed extremely happy with the day."


Want more information? Questions?

Feel free to contact Chris Shattuck directly with any questions you have about the training.



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Monday, May 20 - 09:00am-06:00pm