Launching an Online Store with Commerce Kickstart

Drupal Commerce is an open source eCommerce framework developed to help you create unique online shopping experiences. Its core modules provide the basic systems you need to do business online without hard-coding assumptions for any particular business model, allowing you to build sites that meet your business needs instead of getting in your way.

Built on top of Drupal Commerce, Commerce Kickstart 2.0 is a distribution of Drupal that installs a demo store out of the box, implementing a variety of eCommerce best practices and improving the store administrator user experience. It is feature-rich, including numerous contributed modules that add helpful functionality to Drupal Commerce.

In this course, you will learn how to launch your next online store with Commerce Kickstart 2.0 from project creators Commerce Guys. Through a series of alternating lessons and hands-on exercises, you will install the distribution, customize it, and prepare to launch your own fantasy store during this day long training. Handbooks will be provided, but each student should come prepared with a Drupal development environment on a laptop they can use for the duration of the training.

In addition to examining the feature set of the core framework and the distribution, we'll cover challenges and strategies for preparing and launching live sites with Kickstart 2.x, adding additional features, and integrating third party services.

Course Prerequisites

Attendees should have some eCommerce experience and be used to Drupal 7. Prior experience with Views and Rules is not required but is certainly helpful. Students looking to prepare should spend some time reading tutorials or watching videos about Rules 2, Views 3, or Drupal Commerce itself.

Target Audience

This course targets intermediate users of Drupal. In a single day training, we simply don't have time to cover basic Drupal topics (what's a module? how do I configure a development environment?) and don't want to frustrate newcomers. That said, we intend to cover fully the feature set of Drupal Commerce and Commerce Kickstart. For those experiencing this information for the first time, having a concrete idea for an upcoming or previous eCommerce project will help you as you map the feature set of this software to your business needs. Students with specific use cases in mind should contact the trainers upon registration so we can attempt to tailor lessons toward the needs of the class.

Meet the Trainers

Ryan is the maintainer and lead developer of Drupal Commerce, the core framework that Commerce Kickstart is built upon. Josh was key to the team documenting and communicating the development of Commerce Kickstart 2.x. Pedro is a long time Drupal Commerce contributor and eCommerce consultant, and he currently sits on the board of the Drupal Association to promote Drupal around the world. All three are employed at Commerce Guys and have participated in Drupal eCommerce training at multiple events stretching back to the first trainings offered at DrupalCon San Francisco.

Joining us for this training are Lee and Christefano from Exaltation of Larks. Their team has worked on Drupal based eCommerce projects since Drupal 5, delivering high quality and highly customized sites and Drupal Commerce training from their offices in L.A. and in Boston. More recently they've become curriculum development and training delivery partners with Commerce Guys.

Course Information

Experience Level: Intermediate
Drupal Version: Drupal 7.x
Company: Commerce Guys
Instructor(s): Ryan Szrama (rszrama), Josh Miller (joshmiller), Pedro Cambra (pcambra), Christefano Reyes (christefano), Lee Vodra (nodiac)

Schedule info
Time Slot: 
Monday, May 20 - 09:00am-06:00pm