Mastering Views Configuration

Learn how to use Views to effectively take control of how content is organized throughout your website.

Views is a query builder used to select, sort and display content in various ways. Whether you're creating lists of related content or building a complex events calendar, Views is an essential tool when building any Drupal website. In this training, you'll see how powerful Views is and how you can take advantage of its advanced features to make your website more dynamic and engaging. By mastering Views configuration, you'll be able to build a more effective Drupal website and avoid writing custom code.

The training will focus on hands-on exercises and demos of Views functionality. Each trainee will be provided with an exercise manual with step-by-step instructions, challenge exercises, and reference information.

Learning Objectives

By the end of the training, participants will be able to:

  • Create dynamic lists of content, displayed in a variety of formats
  • Create lists of other elements in Drupal like taxonomy terms, users and comments
  • Override the HTML output of Views in configuration
  • Organize content in Views using sorting and filtering
  • Use Views contextual filters and relationships to build more powerful and effective lists of data
  • Use the most useful contrib modules to extend Views functionality

Course Prerequisites

  • Knowledge of Drupal administration
  • Experience configuring content types and installing modules
  • Installation of Drupal on your laptop (i.e. Acquia Dev Desktop)

Target Audience

Site builders, themers, and developers who want to master the Views module and get more control over how content is displayed and organized in Drupal. Views is an essential component of building flexible, maintainable websites and Views knowledge is key to anyone involved in the site building process.

Meet the Trainers

Alex and Suzanne have 5 years of experience building Drupal websites for clients like Travelocity, McGill University, and the Government of Canada. Having designed and developed Drupal websites from the ground-up for a wide variety of organizations, they provide specific advise to course attendees about the Drupal architecture and site building challenges they're facing. Alex and Suzanne have led hands-on Drupal trainings on a range of topics from site building basics to module development. The goal is always to make sure each attendee gets the most out of the course, whether they're an experienced developer or have no technical background.

Course Information

Experience Level: Intermediate
Drupal Version: Drupal 7.x
Company: Evolving Web
Instructor(s): Suzanne Kennedy (pixelite), Alex Dergachev (evolvingweb)

Schedule info
Time Slot: 
Monday, May 20 - 09:00am-06:00pm