Drupal 7 Module Development

Our 'Drupal 7 Module Development' workshop is a crash-course in solving problems by building custom modules.

Our workshop focuses on how to approach a problem that existing modules just do not solve. Follow along in your individual development sandbox as we show you how to put Drupal API to work.

At the end of this workshop, students will receive a copy of the finished module including documented examples of other advanced topics like update scripts, programmatic content type creation, and Views integration with custom database tables.

Course Prerequisites

A basic knowledge of PHP and Drupal

Target Audience

Those with PHP knowledge, looking to learn the basics of Drupal 7 module development

Meet the Trainers

Jody Hamilton is Co-Founder / CTO at Zivtech, where she leads the development team, architects projects, writes modules, and provides consulting and development training for clients. She takes responsibility for the quality of development work and enforces best practices.

Contributing to Drupal core and contributed modules has been an on-going and significant part of her work, and provides a framework for her leadership philosophy. Jody has conducted this training numerous times in both private and public settings around the country.

Course Information

Experience Level: Intermediate
Drupal Version: Drupal 7.x
Company: Zivtech, LLC
Instructor(s): Jody Hamilton (Jody Lynn)

This training is sold out

This course will not have a waitlist. If you want to try to get into this course we recommend showing up Monday, May 20 at 8:00am and checking to see if there are any cancellations.