Beer, plumbers, and free range chicken - True Tales of Drupal in Action

If you like interactive discussions about how to succeed managing the development, deployment, hosting, and ongoing maintenance of Drupal sites - come to this session!

In this hour, we’ll explore the Drupal journey at three leading organizations - Angie’s List, Maxim Magazine, and Whole Foods - as they’ve replatformed with Drupal and created centers of excellence around Drupal lifecycle management. Enjoy this no holds barred session where our speakers will detail the trials and tribulations, and how they’ve reached success today with Acquia.


Reuben Wilson
Angie’s list Senior Software Engineer, who’s spent the past several years developing Angie’s list marketing sites, and has spearheaded the re-platform of

Mike LeDu
Alpha Media Group (Maxim Magazine) CTO, who lead a Drupal re-platform, hosting provider transition, and launch of new online advertising projects all on a three month time-line.

Brad Power
Whole Foods IT Director, who managed the migration to drupal and completely new external web presence.

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Tuesday, May 21 - 02:00pm-03:00pm
Day Stage - Blink Reaction
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