Drupal Lifecycle Management, or How To Keep Your Dev Swagger After Launch

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There are a number of emerging standards for professional Drupal development processes, but the challenge doesn’t stop after the initial build. The industry discipline of "Application Lifecycle Management" (ALM) is still a frontier, and it's not as tedious or cumbersome as you might think. Done right, it's a liberation.

Realizing the full potential of Drupal means keeping your agility after launch and being able to drive ahead with additional features and fixes. Far too often, after the go-live, developers lose their ability to rock updates because the toolchain isn't in place to keep the site evolving easily and safely.

In a perfect world, all developers can continue making updates to the site design and functionality easily and seamlessly without downtime or worry. This session will cover several practical must-haves for best-class Drupal Application Lifecycle Management:

  • Deploying directly from version control (“push to deploy”)
  • Running continuous integration with a Drupal site
  • Managing Drupal across multiple servers
  • Setting up and running Drush remotes
  • Handling core updates

Learn how to use shell scripts, git hooks, Jenkins and other free and open source tools to cover these important functions for your development team and sites.

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Thursday, May 23 - 10:45am-11:45am
B 113 - NewMedia!
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I agree that this area is still a frontier (and a pain-point) for Drupal. I'm looking forward to hearing some perspective and best practices in this session.

Swagger? That's where Guzzle's service description format comes from, right...?

Kidding aside, having a solid deployment / ALM process is as important for Drupal development as site-building & coding, and Josh is an awesome presenter who knows this material cold.

This will be a don't miss session for anyone needing to set this up.