Get your data into Drupal with Feeds

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Feeds is very useful module which helps you to import data from different outside sources. Being RSS feed of articles from partner site, Weather information from national environmental agency, VoD database or just list of users in a CSV file. All that can be imported to your Drupal site with Feeds.

I'll explain basic structure of Feeds and show how to configure most obvious use cases. I'll explain different stages of Feeds workflow and how to extend them with your own plugins. We'll also check some interesting contrib modules that make Feeds shine even more.


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Tuesday, May 21 - 10:15am-11:15am
B 113 - NewMedia!
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Site Building
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Up to a collaboration on this? I'be been into Feeds quite a while already. =)

I have high hopes for this session, but it also feels a bit misplaced when Feeds doesn't even have a full release yet. An alpha release for D7 is kind of pathetic when D8 is just around the corner. Anything you can do to get Feeds some love before the session?

@rcross I agree with you, but this is more a question for maintainers. However, I've been using Feeds on D7 for more than two years now on relatively big sites and NEVER had any problems with it (noticed no major bugs, upgrades went fine, ...).

I worked with Feeds for a while too (and still do for one project). But have a look at feed_import as well. It does the same but is different. Support by maintainer is very good. I use it in my newest project and like it very much.