How to incrementally integrate QA in an Agile Development Process

As Drupal continues to grow to be a platform fit for large scale enterprise applications, integrating Quality Assurance (QA) into development processes will become more of a pressing concern. Well defined QA processes allow teams to release more features with less defects and less risk of regression than ad hoc development.

Join us as we describe the journey our agile development teams have taken from the days of guess work and hopeful commits of code to a single master branch to static, visual, unit, functional, integration, and release testing. We will share the challenges we have faced, the solutions we have found, and the tools that we use. We’ll also give a glimpse into our future goals for continued incremental improvement, including test tracking and test automation.

This session will not only help you and your team to learn the importance of QA, but will put you in a position of incrementally implementing it within your teams.

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Can you also share how QA for small teams/projects might work? Also, how can you build QA process into shorter term projects that don't have multiple iterations to improve?


Yes, we can talk about strategies for small teams and short projects. We can also talk about how to speed up the process. The benefit of rolling the process out over a longer period of time is that you get a feel for exactly how it fits your team, and the team is ultimately the one that decides on what will be added and what will be modified. Faster roll outs can have the potential to make a team feel forced into a new process. I think that depending on the team, and how it responds to change, a faster roll out may be well received, particularly if a new / improved QA process is adopted by the team as a short-term goal.