Responsive Discovery: The underpants of a great web project

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Responsive web projects can be daunting, especially with big systems. Your discovery process will make or break the project.

But don't be afraid! This is your chance to find the humanity in your project: the emotional, political, cultural and functional issues that make the difference. Get cozy with your customers, stakeholders, and content authors. We are all allies in the fight to make the web a better place!

Learn from successes and failures with practical examples from a discovery process that works:

  • How a responsive discovery process impacts team dynamics and workflow
  • How to encourage collaboration across departments and silos
  • How a responsive discovery will change a project (and why that's okay)
  • What are some horrible ideas I've tried?
  • What are the great successes I've seen?
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Thursday, May 23 - 02:15pm-03:15pm
OR 204 - Blackmesh
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User Experience (UX)
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Thanks for the talk! Can you post the slides please. I didn't get a chance to write down the super secret URL.