Should Have Made a Left Turn at Albuquerque: Building Maps in Drupal

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Online mapping has experienced a renaissance in recent years due to the efforts of OpenStreetMap, MapBox, and various open-source libraries maturing into very capable platforms for application building. We’re not just building maps either, but complex applications that allow for user interaction, exploration, and end user data analysis. However in some ways, building geographically aware experiences in Drupal has continued to be an exercise in frustration.

Join us for a series of case studies and an expert Q&A session focused on the challenges of building useful geospatial applications in the Drupal ecosystem. We’ll address strengths and weaknesses of integrating various platforms into Drupal, development approaches regarding locally stored vs remotely accessed data, and map out a way forward for Drupal 8.

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Thursday, May 23 - 02:15pm-03:15pm
Hall A1 - Acquia
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This is an amazing group of experts we have assembled for this panel. This crop of developers are more or less collectively responsible for maintaining Drupal's geospatial mapping capabilities.

this finally would be a great chance to bring momentum into the broad spectrum of mapping-related modules in the drupal ecosystem.

there is a great multitude of available modules for building sites on top of geographic data with drupal. site-builders often may choose between competing modules that either offer an isolated, fully featured stack or integrate well with each other. fortunately, the later approach of building well-separated modules on top of each other seem to have established amongst the developer community.

some questions we might discuss within the panel:

  • storage: put geodata within drupal by using the geofield module or integrate with external stacks like postgis?
  • query: use internal views integration of modules like leaflet, openlayers or optimize speed using (mostly experimental) solr integration and other external stacks
  • display: use the fully featured openlayers library, standard gmap, want to go modern with leaflet or super-lightweight with modestmaps?

think of this session like different ways to control your maps, analogical to

Fantastic panel assembled here - this is a must-see!

Would love to attend virtually. Can someone stream this live so that we can submit any questions? Or at least watch a recorded video?

+1 Yes please, live stream would be great.
~ Sinan

+1 for me as well. Virtual or recorded would be great!

there is also a BoF today, wednesday 1pm at the Red Lion Hotel, top floor in front of the convention center

Good presentation... glad you left lots of time for questions.