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Director of Operations
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In his role as Director of Operations, Seth Brown coordinates well...operations. In particular, Seth is in charge of Lullabot's administration and professional services.

Seth brings a wide background of experience to Lullabot. He started his career writing features for college alumni magazines. Luckily it was 1995 so, being of Generation X, Seth was also tasked with creating the college’s website. He’s been building websites ever since. He's been a web project manager, technical writer, and editor for 15 years. Prior, to joining Lullabot, Seth worked at Colorado College, Rollins College, the University of Colorado Alumni Association, Penn State, and Blue Tent Marketing, an internet marketing company based near Aspen, Colo.

At Blue Tent, Seth built the web department from the ground up. As the company grew from three to 30, Seth went from being the designer/developer/project manager and Chai Wallah to VP for Web Projects and a partner. While watching over Lullabot projects, Seth also analyzes business processes, gathers requirements, and contributes to Lullabot's high-level project plans.

Seth lives in pastoral Carbondale, Colo., with his wife Adriana and three young daughters, who are far more impressed with the ability to dig post holes, irrigate a field, or birth a calf than that computer stuff daddy does. He does, however, take pride in being his daughters' rock climbing guide and primary ski and snowboard instructor.

Seth is head of the Western Colorado Drupal User's Group. He's known as sethlbrown on

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