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User Experience Lead
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I have been working in Drupal since 2008. I am a designer, a front-end developer and a user experience engineer/designer.

My main focus and interest is creating tools for educators, learners and NGOs in order to allow these users to create and share resources and information. I have been immersed in the study and research of how multilingual users interact with the web and use the web as a tool for education. With FunnyMonkey, we are creating a Drupal distribution called Sally. Sally is a content authoring tool which allows educators and learners to create content, curate content and collaborate with others to create learning material.

As an alumni of Meedan, I have worked and researched Arabic and RTL langauges on the web and different types of Arabic speaking users. With Meedan, I participated in the E-mediat project with provided new media training to NGOs and CSOs throughout the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

I am also co-maintainer of the Zoundation theme, a responsive theme based or the Foundation Framework by Zurb.

I have presented at the following conferences:
Andrea Burton: Drupal Day - NTEN 2012;

PNW Drupal Summit

Educon 2013
http://educonphilly.org/conversations/Adopting-Using-and_Reusing_Open_Co..., http://educonphilly.org/conversations/So_You_Want_To_Start_an_Educationa...


User Experience, Multilingual Web, Interaction Design, User Experience for Educators and Learners on the web, Foundation Framework by Zurb

I'm speaking at DrupalCon.
I'm on the Portland team.


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