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UI Guy
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Originally from Wisconsin. Been in the web development business since 1998 and seen it all. The good, the bad and the horribly ugly.

Bringing design closer to development is my thing. Bringing development discipline to front-end devs is my next thing. Bringing sanity to the insane is my dream. Be it frameworks, technologies, languages or best practices, there are things we can do as a community to bring design and development closer to the metal with lean agile practices.

Lives in Seattle. Maker of things, general do-gooder and vanquisher of evil. Loves the HTMLs, the CSSs (really Sass), the JavaScripts, the Rubies and the Rails. Maker of Style Guides, bridge'r between pixel'maters and code creators. I talk, I write, maybe someday I will do something people think is cool.


ruby on rails, jquery, sass, scss, ui development, ui engineer, style guide, style guide driven development, front-end development

I'm speaking at DrupalCon.


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