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Senior Software Engineer
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I entered the Drupal world while looking for a way to build a better site for http://driverpacks.net back in 2006. I started building the Hierarchical Select module. Then I got deeper and deeper involved with Drupal: I freelanced, worked for Mollom, did my bachelor thesis on making Drupal faster (by integrating it with CDNs and collecting real-world user performance data) and then did my master thesis on applying data mining to that performance data, to learn what optimizations can yield the maximum performance return. That got me noticed by Facebook, where I interned on the Site Speed team.

I am working in Dries' Spark team at Acquia's Office of the CTO. We are tasked with bringing much-improved authoring experience to Drupal core. I've been focusing on in-place editing and "WYSIWYG in core".



  • Drupal
  • WPO (Web Performance Optimization)
  • data mining
I'm speaking at DrupalCon.
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