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Chief Technical Officer
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Nuams' co-founder and CTO, Sheldon Rampton, previously served as the Senior Web Developer at the New York State Senate, where his responsibilities included installing, configuring and managing the site’s combination of 132 contributed Drupal modules as well as coding and maintaining the site's 24 custom Drupal modules. He built the features for live video streaming and video archiving of Senate sessions, hearings and committee meetings, as well as integration with the Senate’s OpenLegislation search portal, which enables people to view and comment on all pieces of legislation currently under consideration. He previously also worked as a web design consultant and as research director for the Center for Media and Democracy. He is the creator of SourceWatch, a political wiki, and projects including Congresspedia, an online encyclopedia of the U.S. Congress; and the Electoral Protection Wiki, a citizen journalist project to collect reports of voter suppression and threats to election integrity. He is the author of seven books about politics and public relations and serves on the board of directors of Working Capital for Community Needs, a nonprofit organization which invests in economic development projects in Latin America.

Sheldon is the creator and maintainer of the OpenCivic distribution of Drupal, which is designed to support communities of software developers in creating, cataloguing and sharing software applications. He previously led the development of Code for America's Civic Commons project, which was created as a platform for sharing information specifically about "civic software" used by governments and nonprofit organizations to provide public services. The OpenCivic distro expands upon the Civic Commons fuctionality to help build websites that enable people to host hackathons and share information about software applications — what they do, who created them and uses them, where they have been deployed, and how well the software works.

I'm speaking at DrupalCon.


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