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CLoud NYNE Design
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President, Lead Designer, Drupal Consultant
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I'm a Front End Drupal developer. I helped start the Central FL Drupal community in 2008 with several other Drupal enthusiasts. Through the years, I've focused on helping new community members get more involved in their local communities, I'm always in IRC (20+ rooms, at least) trying to help where I can, and I travel the globe with my partner (who is also my biz partner). I bleed blue, and breath Drupal - all day, every day. I love what I do, and I love the community and the relationships I've built with many of it's members. Three years ago, sold everything except a suitcases worth of clothing, my laptop, and a few essentials so that we ( JCL324 on d.o) could follow the DrupalCons (yes, we're Drupies, a phrase coined by ME) and get even further involved with local communities.

The first community CLoud NYNE Design (our biz) visited was in the great city of Chicago. We stayed for a year, helped them plan DrupalCamp Chicago 2011 (design and theme by moi) and empowered some advanced Drupalista's to create a more focused meetup group for advanced Drupal users. While there, CND was also able to create and strengthen bonds with other Drupal based businesses.

We recently just moved to Denver, and are staying for 6 months, with the plan to move to Portland in April for DrupalCon PDX in May. Our adventure will continue until we find a place where we simply just don't want to leave. I look forward to meeting new people at every DrupalCon and especially working with Drupal businesses that require experts.

Thanks for reading, see you in May!

PS: some examples of presentations from previous camps and meetups follow.

jQuery For Site Builders: Presented in 2012 at a Chicago Drupal Meetup
Theming Drupal 6 - An Introduction to the Basics: Presented in 2010 at a South FL Drupal meetup
Theming Drupal 7 - Meet your new best friend, render(): Presented at Florida DrupalCamp 2012


Drupal, Drupal, [good] beer, Drupal, scotch and rye whiskey, and even more Drupal :cP

I'm speaking at DrupalCon.


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