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Michael Anello (@ultimike) is co-founder and vice president of DrupalEasy, a Drupal training and consulting firm based in Central Florida. Michael has been one of the main organizers of the Florida Drupal Users' Group and Florida DrupalCamps for over five years, and also helps manage the Drupal Association's Community Cultivation Grants program.

Michael has been developing Drupal sites for over 7 years specializing in module development, theming, and general site-building. He can be heard interviewing fellow Drupal community members, talking about current Drupal news, and highlighting new and upcoming modules on the twice-monthly DrupalEasy Podcast.


Michael really enjoy diving deep into a problem to find the "right" way of doing something, whether it be on or away from my laptop. He enjoys reading and learning about new and upcoming technology, and teaching others about the empowering feeling of leveraging technology.

When not in front of his laptop, he enjoys running, biking, hiking - generally anything that keeps him faster and stronger than him (very quickly) growing kids.

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