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Content Strategist and Creator
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Relly Annett-Baker lives on the South Coast of England with her husband, Paul Annett, and their two small sons. As a result, she thrives on the seaside air and can be guaranteed to stand on Lego at least once a day.

Her principle employment is as live-in domestic staff for two cats but, when not being purred into submission, she is a content strategist and writer, currently creating content For Great Justice as Lead Content Designer at the Ministry of Justice, runs dedicated workshops in-house with companies big and small, and continues to procrastinate over the draft of her Five Simple Steps book 'Content Creation for the Web'. She'll get right back to it just after she's had another cup of tea and checked her Twitter stream.

Relly does a lot of chuntering on at conferences. Apparently, she is of interest to some people. A quick blast with a search engine and a Relly-related query of your choice will lead you to some video, audio and slides. These are sometimes NSFW. That’s just how her potty mouth rolls, on stage at least.

You can see Relly procrastinating with increasing frequency on Twitter: try @RellyAB

I'm speaking at DrupalCon.


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