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Brian has been building things with Drupal for over 5 years. He likes to tear things apart, analyze what makes them tick, and put them back together, whether it be web applications or automobile engines.

He's built or managed websites ranging from 1,000 hits per month to over 3.2 million hits per month and enjoys diving deep into the data they generate looking for trends and opportunities.

Two things that Brian lives by:

  • Automate everything. If it "can't" be automated, find a way to automate it.
  • Anything is possible given the right resources.

In 2009, Brian founded VM(doh) which specializes in integrating external APIs and data sources with Drupal. In an effort to reduce the headaches of working in odd environments that varied from client to client, hosting was added as a service in 2010. In 2013, Brian separated out that business as Anrhizan which specializes in hosting Drupal sites.

Brian can be found on Twitter - @BrianAltenhofel.

He's also found in IRC 99% of the time under the name VeggieMeat.


data (it's an addiction), business, automation, Openstack, configuration management with Puppet, single malt Scotch whisky, cigars, politics, NASCAR, local dirt oval racing, music of all genres (usually techno, 90's-2000's rock, or country), playing guitar (electric, steel acoustic, and classical), and Guinness

I'm speaking at DrupalCon.


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