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Drupal Architect
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I've been doing Drupal since 2004! Can't imagine doing anything else ;)

Check out my Drupal 7 Multilingual Sites book and my profile for my contrib modules.

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Kristen Pol grew up the youngest sister to five brothers in a small town in rural Central California. After high school and a few community colleges, Kristen earned a BA degree in mathematics and physics at UC Santa Cruz in 1994 and an MSEE at Stanford University in 1995. After college, Kristen worked as a Systems Engineer at Hewlett Packard and then as a Java application architect at a web consulting company in downtown Santa Cruz, California, during the dot-com boom.

Kristen started her own software business in 2001. Initially, she focused on Java applications, but, in 2004, Drupal changed her life. Starting with version 4, Kristen got hooked on Drupal development and now she focuses pretty much exclusively on Drupal projects. Kristen recently co-founded a new company, Hook 42, and works with a wide variety of clients throughout North America. She enjoys working on challenging websites that require custom programming. Some of her more notable Drupal projects include (social kindness game), (non-profit bringing kids to nature), (Canadian classical instrument shop), (school transition programs), and (a luxury travel agent matching service).

Kristen is very active in the Drupal community. She has authored contributed modules including Featured Content and SEO Friend, regularly attends the Santa Cruz Drupal user group meetings, improves documentation, gives talks at Drupal camps and meetings, and helps out on the Drupal forums and issue queues. When she's not doing Drupal, Kristen enjoys photography, travel, hiking, and spending time with her husband and two sons in beautiful Santa Cruz. Feel free to contact Kristen at


Drupal, photography, travel, nature, parenting

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