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Center for Research Libraries and www.ryan-jacobs.net
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Web Architect and Digital Systems Specialist
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I am a technology solutions provider, web architect and trainer, with over a decade of experience in the international development and nonprofit community. I partner with nonprofits, businesses and civil society networks as they carve-out their space on the web. My clients do great work, and I help them share it. From strategic planning to design to the dirty technical details, this is what I do.

Through my work with dozens of clients (some tiny, some huge), and countless technology projects, I have become an expert in website content management systems (CMSs) and hosted software as a service (SaaS) solutions. My passion is to find the tools that make it easy for organizations to obtain and manage custom web solutions, at a low cost, while being served by someone who knows the unique realities of their environments.

Specialties: Web planning and implementation, with a focus on open-source website content management systems (such as Drupal).

Technical training for project staff and community groups.

Capacity-building and planning for external technical support initiatives that serve civil society.


new technology, civil society, international development, web, cms, drupal, rock climbing


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