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Commerce Guys
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VP Community Development
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I got my start in web development through an online sales company based in Louisville, KY. There I nursed Ubercart through its infancy to its use on over 20,000 websites as the Project Lead and community face of the project. In 2009 I joined Commerce Guys and continued to lead Ubercart until branching out into Drupal Commerce, a new initiative focusing on empowering users to build eCommerce sites with the best new features that Drupal 7 has to offer.

I focus most of my time developing the code base, growing the community of contributors to the project, and training new users online and at community events.


Science fiction, craft beer, and long walks on the beach (or sailings on the water).

I'm speaking at DrupalCon.
I'm a DrupalCon Sponsor.


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Ryan Szrama