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Director of Pantheon Partners
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I'm very excited to join the Pantheon Team. It's not very often one gets to be part of a startup with disruptive technology. The first time I experienced the thrill of witnessing something I knew to be a game-changer was when Steve Jobs debuted the iPhone. It was electric to be part of such a grand technology-defining-life moment.

That same energy is at Pantheon where hosting is dead but something great and new has taken its place and I can't wait to share the technology with the many companies, developers and themers I've had the great fortune to meet in the last six years through Drupal.

For those of you who don't know me, I've been Drupaling since 4.7 as a shop owner, designer, solutions architect, consultant, and now solutions provider for Pantheon. My years of business development tie nicely with helping Pantheon develop and launch their Partner Program.

I'm looking forward to meeting more of the ever-growing Drupal providers and helping you grow your business solutions. I understand Drupal projects and companies; the good, the bad, the ugly. Pantheon can't do everything but it can streamline and ease parts of the development, launch and maintenance cycles. That translates into margins, ease and scalability. All good things.

Contact me at Pantheon. I'll be publishing my camp schedule shortly so I can visit with you when I'm in the area. Let's Drupal.

I'm speaking at DrupalCon.


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