The wonders of Drupal

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Using music, storytelling, awful jokes, and a bevy of special guests, Robert and jam dole out solid practical advice about Drupal, DrupalCon, and thriving as a member of the Drupal Community. The best way to make sure you're awake and in the spirit in time for the keynote session (the "Driesnote") that follows is to set your alarm early, slam back 5 espressos, and join us for some entertaining and educational morning fun.

The same duo that brought you The Sound of Music set to Drupal at DrupalCon Chicago, A Drupal Carol at DrupalCon London, the iPad Orchestra at DrupalCon Denver, and the ABCs of DrupalCon, featuring yodelling for geeks, men and women in dirndls, leather shorts, and (alcohol free) beer on stage in Munich are back to thrill and amaze! Infotainment at its best!

"Rob and jam put their special twist on the meaning of DrupalCon. It's been a fun-filled – and useful – surprise every time. If you only get up early once during DrupalCon, this is the morning to do it. And hey, at least you'll get better seats for my keynote right after." - Dries

Good reasons to come to this session:

  • Get tips about how to get the most out of your time at the DrupalCon.
  • Get a good seat the Driesnote immediately after the opener.
  • Tell others you've been going to the opener since before it was cool. Bonus points if you know when and where this started.
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Tuesday, May 21 - 10:15am-11:15am
Hall A
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Well, this is a DrupalCon classic. Voicing my support shouldn't even be necessary.
I'm sad I slept through the first few ones.
The one in Munich got the Bayern song stuck in my head for weeks.
Attend at your own risk ;)

Shows how special Drupal people are and the community is. Fun, informative, and getting the job done with laughs to boot!

REALLY really hoping that someone got a video of the actual stage for this amazing performance!