Data for Achieving Energy Efficiency in the Commercial Building Sector

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The commercial building sector in the United States has seen major growth in designs that are very energy efficient and sustainable. In order for these buildings to be designed efficiently, an enormous amount of data is needed during the design process to ensure energy goals can be achieved (think LEED Platinum). These data include high-level building case studies with architectural to engineering design information, to data on very specific subsystem component such as lighting systems, pump and fan efficiencies, costs, etc. Architects, engineers, and designers use these data to evaluate building energy performance well before the first brick is laid.

Speaking through several example Drupal applications, we will see how various types of commercial building data is becoming commoditized through data accessibility. Applications built to house case studies to inventorying all building components for whole building energy simulations, and applications for evaluating equipment performance will be discussed. All of which utilize Drupal to manage the content.

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Tuesday, May 21 - 04:30pm-05:30pm
OR 203 - Palantir
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Government, Nonprofit, and Education
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I think this is a fascinating topic, and I think Drupal can be used much more in managing and collecting large data sets like this. We sometimes lack session topics that get outside of using Drupal for anything but to make web pages, so I think this is an excellect topic.

This is the talk the presenter was destined to give! I look forward to the distillation of the many interesting points into this session.