Was It Something I Said? The Art of Giving (and getting) A Critique

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There is a lot happening in the Drupal community. It's easy to get overwhelmed. As a community we've seen flame-outs and rage-quits. And yet, overall, we have a very healthy community which supports its fellow participants. Most of our participation happens in a text-based environment: in IRC, or in the drupal.org issue queue. It's difficult to read the intention behind words, but very easy to misinterpret what someone is saying.

In this session we'll explore how to give, and receive, useful critiques of our work. We'll talk about the different kinds of critiques that are necessary as an idea develops. The emphasis will be on reviewing subjective work, not the easy stuff like white space at the end of a line.

Attendees will come out of this session with tips on:
- a framework for giving useful, and actionable criticism
- critiques of critiques, examples from our own issue queue of what's useful, and what's harmful
- making your reviews easy to implement (making your time investment worth while)
- writing useful reviews outside of your area of competence (i.e. how to review design when you're not a designer; and how to review code when you're not a coder)
- creating a better "ask" that results in the kind of feedback you actually want to receive

Getting better reviews makes us better at our job--and makes Drupal a better product. If you're ready to take your reviews to the next level...if you're ready to help others lift their work out of mediocrity with their head held high...if you're ready to take Drupal to the next level, be sure to attend this session with your friends *and* your nemesis.

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Wednesday, May 22 - 10:45am-11:45am
OR 202 - Lullabot
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I first read that as "flame outs and rage quilts." I think making a rage quilt would be a much healthier way to deal with frustration.