Introducing PMoFs: BOFs for Project Management

The people have spoken, and the DA has answered! There will now be an AV equipped BoF room devoted to the Art of Project Management in its many forms. We’d like to send a shout out to the DA for the help in securing a space*, to our community’s project managers for your feedback and ideas and to the presenters who generously offered to join in and share their ideas!

PMBoFs? What’s that all about?

The day will be alternating Sessions and BoF discussions, the idea being to provide as much opportunity to share experiences and advice. So bring your problems, questions and ideas to the table and let’s make this day great! Those looking for awesome Project Management content are welcome to join us.

When: Wednesday May 22, from 10:45am-05:00pm
Room: B110 - Forum One Communications


09:00am Keynote Karen McGrane: Thriving in a world of change: Future-friendly content with Drupal
10:15am Coffee Break in Hall C + D
10:45am The Science of Guessing: Drupal Estimation Techniques from Project Managers
Speakers: Chris Strahl, Jakob Person and Shannon Vettes
12:15pm Fixed-Bid FAILAPALOOZA: Benchmark discussion of failures and solutions
01:00pm How to incrementally integrate QA into Agile
Speakers: Everett Zufelt and Akshay Barve
02:00pm Watergile Pros & Con, A Round Table Discussion
03:00pm Walking Break
03:15pm Agile + Drupal the Four Kitchens Way
Speaker: Todd Nienkerk
04:15pm Agile Workshop & Estimation Techniques: Teaching your team to do agile

We’ll be taking down the biggest takeaways from the discussions and sessions for a jam-packed advice packet. So stay tuned after the conference for those tid bits. We’re going to try to record as much as we can via live hangouts, and we’ll even have a moderator to take your questions allowing you to join in the BoFs and Sessions.

Don’t forget to spread the word to your team’s Project, Portfolio and Program Managers - we want to see them in force on Wednesday!

Shannon Vettes (@svettes)
Drupal 8 Project Manager

*In full disclosure, we struggled to get online scheduling for BOFs working for Portland, and were unfortunately unable to do so. We wanted to be supportive of our community and provide content the community craves, so when Shannon came to us with the proposal to provide alternative project management content, we listened and came up with a solution we feel is both fair and considerate of other groups of people who would want to preschedule BOFs. There are over 90 opportunities for attendees to schedule BOFs during the conference, and we felt it wasn't too much of an exception to pre-reserve 6 of these BOF times for an initiative with clear community support.

If anyone is concerned about how this decision was made, please contact me, I'm happy to talk!

Stephanie El-Hajj
Program Coordinator, DrupalCon


The Fixed-Bid FAILAPALOOZA is great topic. Hope I'll have a chance to share some thoughts on this.

Hey guys,

Today was a great success, lots of fun, so much great content and discussions shared and you all are my heros for showing up and participating. 6 bofs and sessions later, I am thoroughly exhausted, and very very happy :D

Public sorry to those who couldn't join virtually because the intertubes stomped their foot on the ground and said "NO!". I'm writing up a recap for you!

Thanks to the DA for making this possible :)

Oh, I am so looking forward to the recap and any videos. I am in the hell of working for a place that makes us issue an RFP (ewwwww!) and I need all the workarounds I can get!

I learned a ton and enjoyed meeting everyone! Shannon - I'm sending you my notes as promised, sorry for the delay...had some vacation time and a drive home to Minnesota after the convention. Hopefully they will help others.