Design Ops: a UX workflow for 2013

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Hey, the dev team gets all these cool visual analytics, code metrics, version control, revision tagging, configuration management, continuous integration ... and the UX design team just passes around Photoshop files?

Taking clues from DevOps and Lean UX, "DesignOps" advocates more detailed and durable terminology about the cycle of user research, design and production. DesignOps seeks to first reduce the number of design artifacts, to eliminate the pain of prolonged design decisions. DesignOps assumes that the remaining design artifacts aren't actionable until they are reasonably archived and linked in a coherent way that serves the entire development team.

This talk will introduce the idea of DesignOps with the assumption that the audience has experience with a basic user research cycle — iterative development with any kind of user feedback.

DesignOps is a general approach, intended to help with a broad array of questions from usability testing issues, documentation archiving, production-time stress, and general confusion on your team:

  • What are the general strategies for managing the UX design process?
  • How do you incorporate feedback without huge cost?
  • What happened to that usability test result from last year?
  • How much space goes between form elements?
  • Why does the design cycle make me want to drink bleach?
  • WTF why does our website look like THIS?
    • * Features turnkey full-stack (Vagrant ) installation of ubuntu with drupal 7 install profile utilizing both php and ruby development tools, with all examples configured for live css compilation

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Wednesday, May 22 - 10:45am-11:45am
OR 201 - Phase2
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User Experience (UX)
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Will you be posing the slides? I'd really like a closer look at your spreadsheets. Thank you for your wonderful presentation!

Yes, I would greatly benefit from having the slides