Multilingual module madness! Which i18n modules do you really need?

Click here to watch Multilingual module madness! Which i18n modules do you really need?.

Configuring a multilingual site in Drupal 7 is not for the faint of heart. If you search for i18n-related modules on, you’ll find more than 100 listed! So, which ones do you really need? And, why?

This session will give a rundown of the myriad of multilingual Drupal modules as well as take a peek at what is coming up in Drupal 8. We will cover:

  • Must-use modules like i18n and friends
  • Core content translation vs. the Entity Translation module
  • Making the translation process easier for translators and content editors
  • Preview of how things will change (for the better!) in Drupal 8

Our goal will be to discuss the most important modules for creating a multilingual Drupal 7 site but we will also touch upon some optional modules that might make sense for certain sites.

Help Drupal 8: To make multilingual Drupal 8 site building much better, please get involved with the Drupal 8 Multilingual Initiative! You can also sprint with us before, during, and after the main DrupalCon Portland session days. And, of course, don't miss Gábor's Multilingual Drupal 8 - plans and reality session!

Earlier Drupal Versions: If you are still on Drupal 6, not to worry. Many of the modules discussed for Drupal 7 have been around for awhile and are applicable for Drupal 6 (and, in some cases, even earlier versions!).

Target Audience: This session is targeted at new Drupal developers and site builders as well as more experienced Drupalers who haven't built multilingual sites in Drupal. If you are an advanced Drupaler or have built multilingual Drupal sites, you should check out the other great sessions during this time slot :)

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Thursday, May 23 - 10:45am-11:45am
OR 202 - Lullabot
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Site Building
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Thanks for the comment :) These two might be good back-to-back... this one would give a background as to which modules can be involved, and the case study highlights which were used in a real-life situation along with issues, trade-offs, etc. Since sites won't always use the same modules, I think both are valid.