Hungry for more Drupal? Satisfy your craving for Drupal knowledge with our Intermediate Training.

Hungry for more Drupal? So are we! Our training courses this year are diverse enough to satisfy any craving. Not only do we have something for everyone (really, take a look at all of our training courses), we have tried to make our selections as easily to digest as possible by highlighting some advanced and intermediate courses already.

Here are 5 more intermediate courses that deliver the highest quality of Drupal food for your brain.

Drupal Performance and Scalability with the Dream Team

When Mark Sonnabaum, David Strauss, Nate Haug, Nick Lewis, and Steve Merrill come together, they are known as the Dream Team. The Dream Team has taught Drupal Performance and Scalability at DrupalCon Munich, London, Denver, San Francisco, and Copenhagen, among other events.

When the Dream Team comes together, the training always sells out. Be sure to grab a spot for this world-class training before it’s too late! You will learn first-hand how to setup, configure, and tune up a high performance and scalable Drupal site.

Drupal for Decision Makers

If you manage or lead a team of Drupal developers, but don’t feel confident with your knowledge of the platform, then this is the course for you. Taught by the experts at Acquia and OwnSource, Drupal for Decision Makers will teach you Drupal knowledge that is essential for business leaders like you.

No previous hands-on experience with Drupal is required, but you will need to bring a laptop with you the day of the training. Participants will be given access to best-in-breed hosting accounts along with a distribution of Drupal 7.

Launching an Online Store With Commerce Kickstart

eCommerce has changed the landscape of entrepreneurship, empowering businesses of all sizes to reach consumers directly. Help business owners get their products directly to paying customers by learning how to implement a world-class eCommerce solution straight from Commerce Guys!

Commerce Guys, better known as Ryan Szrama, Josh Miller,, and Kris Vanderwater, are the brains behind Drupal Commerce and Commerce Kickstart. They will show you how to work with the most flexible eCommerce platform for Drupal, and why this solution is better for your business bottom line.

Courses about to sell out!

Both of these courses are close to selling out, so you’ll want to sign up sooner rather than later:

Plan, Build, Launch: Real-World Drupal.

Lullabot has 7 years of experience working on some of the biggest Drupal sites out there. Plus, they have a passion for teaching. This course shows you the best practices Lullabot follows to launch world-class sites.

Drupal 8 and Symfony: All you need to Rock!

As you know, Symfony is used heavily in Drupal 8. Get ahead of the curve and learn how to leverage Symfony before Drupal 8 is released!

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Hopefully, we have piqued your interest in one of the amazing training courses in our curriculum this year. Signing up earlier is always better, as some courses may have pre-requirements to take care of before the day of the training. Remember to tell your boss these courses are taught by the very best industry leaders, and are the best bang for your professional development budget buck.