Too big to scale? Why enterprise websites fail to scale (& how some companies are breaking free from their own servers)

For a large company with a mission-critical site, launch day is a day of reckoning. The bigger the website, the greater the risks. Is your architecture scalable enough to support hundreds of millions of unique page views in a live environment? With traditional hosting, you don't know until the last minute, and adjusting on the fly can be difficult. Some companies refuse to play guessing games.

When The New Republic re-launched with a full-court PR push and an exclusive interview of President Obama, the website received enough page views to swamp traditional hosting. But Pantheon's all-in-one platform helped TNR serve up more than 100 million page views on launch day without a hitch. Learn how enterprise companies like TNR are launching on time & scaling worry-free, using the world's largest single Drupal infrastructure.

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Wednesday, May 22 - 01:30pm-02:00pm
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