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Technical Lead
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Fabian is currently a Technical Lead at Trellon and is enjoying architecting large websites for Universities and Non-Profits. He has done innovative work in terms of Scalability and High Performance for Drupal and Mobile Development. He is in general passionate about everything Open Source since GNU was born, which as it happens is the same day as his birthday.

Fabian is always up to a challenge and has been an active Contributor to Drupal since 2009. He has spoken at DrupalCon Denver and DrupalCon Munich. In 2012 he started the work to get Twig into Core together with @jenlampton and succeeded just 30 days after he learned about the project - thanks to a ton of pre-work by the community! Now he is helping further with Twig and other contributions to core and he is just loving it.


High Performance, High Availability, Twig, Drupal (of course), Open Source and Salsa-Dancing

I'm speaking at DrupalCon.


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Fabian Franz