DrupalCon Portland Day 3: We use Drupal to help others

It's Day 3 of DrupalCon, and so much has happened in the last 72 hours! From keynotes and two full days of recorded sessions, gallons of Stumptown, and let's be honest, sore feet from all the walking... well take a deep breath, because it's not over yet!

So, here's what happened yesterday...

We built a website to help the tornado victims in Oklahoma

On Tuesday night, a team of volunteer Drupal developers gathered in the DrupalCon Portland coder lounge to build a website to help FEMA help the victims of the Oklahoma tornado.

DrupalCon Portland Day 2: See the group photo and watch Karen McGrane's keynote, "Thriving in a World of Change: Future-friendly content with Drupal"

Here comes the rain! DrupalCon Portland welcomes our attendees to Day 2, with breakfast sandwiches (look for the big black truck across the street from the Oregon Convention Center) and of course, cold and dreary Portland rain. Grab a Drupal branded hoodie and KeepCup from the DrupalCon bookstore (in room C121) to keep warm between sessions and so fellow Drupalers can spot you when running around the city later this week completing missions from our Photo Scavenger Hunt.

Watch the DrupalCon Portland live stream courtesy of Brightcove

Watch the Live Stream, courtesy of Brightcove

We'll be streaming each of our three keynotes live beginning on Tuesday, with Dries' infamous #DriesNote at11:30am PDT (Pacific Daylight Time, PDT | UTC -7).

Have a burning question you want to ask our keynotes? Michael Anello from the Drupal Easy podcast will be fielding and moderating your twitter questions in real time, to ask Dries, Karen, and Michael, following each presentation.

DrupalCon Portland opens today with over 1,270 badge pickups!

DrupalCon Portland is off with a bang! Over 1,270 people have already arrived to pick up their badges and DrupalCon tshirts, and we're expecting as many attendees to arrive tomorrow.

Today alone, over 498 training attendees rolled in, as well as nearly 90 attendees for the CXO event. We're expecting over 3,300 people to attend the conference this week, so don't get stuck in line, get here early and grab your badge before sessions start at 9:00am.

If you haven't registered yet and still want to attend - this is your chance!

Ready, set, go! Jump-start your Drupal with beginner training

Coming to DrupalCon Portland is already a great start to your Drupal journey. You can get started on accelerating your career as a Drupal developer by enrolling in one of our beginner training courses.

It’s never too late to start or to dig deeper on a topic you’ve always wanted to know more about. Whether you want to learn more about theming, site building, or modules, our beginner training will help get you on your way to the Drupal champion’s circle.

Hungry for more Drupal? Satisfy your craving for Drupal knowledge with our Intermediate Training.

Hungry for more Drupal? So are we! Our training courses this year are diverse enough to satisfy any craving. Not only do we have something for everyone (really, take a look at all of our training courses), we have tried to make our selections as easily to digest as possible by highlighting some advanced and intermediate courses already.

Last Call to Save Some Cash; DrupalCon Portland Regular Registration Ends 4/26

This Friday, April 26th, regular pricing for DrupalCon Portland will end at 11:59pm (PDT). What does that mean for you? It means that you’ve got to get registered by this Friday in order to save $50 on your ticket to DrupalCon! Who wants to spend more money, when it can easily be avoided?

Starting Saturday, April 27, 2013, the “late” pricing for DrupalCon Portland will begin and your ticket will cost $550 instead of $500, until online registration ends May 17th.


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