Check Out These Amazing Featured Sessions Coming to DrupalCon Portland!

DrupalCon Portland is just around the corner (May really isn’t that far away) and early bird registration has already begun, but if visiting Portland in May isn’t enough to get you registered, then let’s see if we can entice you with some of the amazing “Featured Sessions” we’re offering to all attendees!DrupalCon Portland is set to have multiple featured session for every track: Business and Strategy, Community, Frontend, User Experience (UX), DevOps, Site Building, Coding and Development, and Government, Nonprofit, and Education.

We’ve got Deane Barker, a founding partner and Business Development Director for Blend Interactive. Deane will be discussing how Drupal can move from the IT Department to the Marketing Department with “Charting a New Direction: Why the CEO Matters More than the Developer”. It’s time to “stop thinking about yourself. Start thinking about the guy holding the checkbook.

For the Government, Nonprofit, and Education crowd, we’ve got “How Oregon State University manages 1,000 Drupal sites, and how to learn from our mistakes”, with speaker and Drupal aficionado, Paul Lieberman, who has been supporting for university websites since the time Al Gore invented the Internet. Paul will cover how to best support a large scale Drupal deployment and what makes the current setup at Oregon State University work, and not work, for their needs and others. It’s an “Advanced” session, but if you are interested in Drupal Development on the larger scale, or you know someone who is, then be sure to attend this fantastic session.

Who has experience with the Views module in Drupal? Who wants to learn even more? Well, our session “The Future of Views” with speaker Tim Plunkett, will cover the Views module and what upgrades and changes have been made for the Drupal 8 rollout. Tim is a Senior Developer at Zivtech and he is a part of the Views in Drupal Core team and he co-maintains the Views, CTools, Date, Field Collection, Features, and FullCalendar modules. With the Views module now included in the Drupal 8 core, it will be enabled as a default for all sites. Tim will discuss the important changes and the new features with the Views module for Drupal 8, but he’ll also give you some helpful tips for Drupal 7 Views and how to best prepare for Drupal 8 Views.

Are you ever concerned that when you’re trying to help someone online, that you come across as rude? Have you ever received feedback from someone and thought, “Wow, they clearly woke up on the wrong side of the bed”? Well, then, Emma Jane Westby and her session “Was It Something I Said? The Art of Giving (and getting) Actionable Critiques” are the perfect combination for you (and maybe anonymous suggestions for others...). Emma Jane has delivered presentations and/or workshops to eight DrupalCons, so she knows what she’s talking about. With this session, Emma Jane will give you the framework necessary to provide useful critiques and how to create a better “ask” to get the kind of feedback you really need.

Check Out Our Entire List of Amazing Featured Speakers!

These are just some of the fantastic Featured Sessions we’re cooking up for you at DrupalCon Portland, but there are even more to come! Be sure to check out our entire list of Featured Sessions and keep checking back as we continue to add more leading up to DrupalCon Portland 2013. Hopefully, some of these will entice you to register for DrupalCon Portland; just remember, early-bird registration ends March 15, 2013, so make sure you get registered!

Interested in submitting a session for DrupalCon Portland? We’re accepting submissions until February 15th! So, go ahead and submit your session and we’ll see you in Portland!