Buenos Aires City Gov: Drupal implementation strategy

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Buenos Aires is the capital and larger city in Argentina, about 3 million people live in the city and 4 million people commute every day from the metropolitan area.

BA City Gov established the first New Media Office of latin america and our Open Gov initiative its leading the region.

2 years ago, we visit DrupalCon Chicago searching for a solution for our websites.

2 years later, we have integrated 400 websites in just one, adopting Drupal as BA City Gov main platform, with our own (soon to be) distribution.

All this build inside government.

This is the story of a Drupal implementation strategy and how a government community grows

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Tuesday, May 21 - 03:15pm-04:15pm
C 123 - Trellon
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Government, Nonprofit, and Education
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Yeah, Daniel!! Can't wait to see your session!!

Daniel I enjoyed your session and had been looking forward to attending. With 190 million page views per year, which web server are you using? apache?, nginx? Thanks.