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Why Infrastructure Still Matters: Scaling and User Experience edsai Common misconceptions about system scalability in large scale web architectures. We'll touch on the details of what really matters in web scaling and how user experience is affected by things like... Beginner Day Stage
Drupal Site Building Checklist pixelite While Drupal provides lots of functionality out-of-the box, even the simplest website requires a lot of configuration, installing contributed modules, and checking of checkboxes. Before you launch a... Intermediate Site Building
Drupal 8 UI Changes LewisNyman Drupal 8 will bring with it many changes to the admin interface. This session describes and demos many proposals, overhauls, and enhancements to Drupal's UI, including a brand new toolbar, inline... Intermediate Site Building
Authentication in Drupal: OpenID, WebID, webfinger and Mozilla Persona scor OpenID has been part of core for many but it hasn't seen the kind of adoption it was expected to have. Meanwhile, several alternatives have been developed. After a brief comparison of the existing... Advanced Core Conversations
And what about the client side? Replace Drupal.behaviors by an event-based approach caiosba Problems: Drupal.behaviors is very specific of Drupal and unfamiliar to JavaScript developers, which feel comfortable with custom events It's not so flexible You don't have much control over... Advanced Core Conversations
Now that we have tours in core how do we make them? kvantomme, cweagans People are really excited about the Tour module in Drupal 8 core. It creates beautiful tooltips that can guide users through the most complex processes, one step at a time. By doing so, it can ease... Advanced Core Conversations
The Evolution of Front-end Components and Templates JohnAlbin PHP, of course, was designed as a templating language. And over its lifetime, Drupal has iterated over several templating systems striving to improve its capabilities and ease-of-use. However, our... Advanced Core Conversations
Code Without Thinking: Toward a Design Pattern Standard for Drupal CrookedNumber Drupal already has a solid coding standard. It helps us create code that is predictable and clean, while putting to bed lots of trivial, time-wasting holy wars (e.g., spaces vs tabs). But the coding... Advanced Core Conversations
Can Symfony components replace Drupal's venerable Form API? David Strauss There are many gaps in the current Form API: Its design dates back to a pre-OO era of PHP. We use Drupalisms like hash prefixes to distinguish different types of array keys. Widgets are not very... Advanced Core Conversations
Rethinking render() c4rl ### Problem: Drupal theming in D7 is a hodgepodge of too many APIs. See this helpful diagram for more information (image by John Wilkins). We outlined how Twig solves a great deal of these... Advanced Core Conversations
The end of Hooks Crell Drupal 8 will ship with not one but two event systems. One is the Symfony Event Dispatcher. The other is hooks. But really, do we need two event systems? No, we don't. Hooks have served us well... Advanced Core Conversations
Speeding up Simpletest chx DDL is slow. Let's write something that avoids it. Once SQL strings are largely out of the way can we / do we want to have functional testing with mockup database/entity/config drivers? Advanced Core Conversations
Hard problems (placeholder) chx I have no idea yet what the hard problem of the time will be but I am certain we will have some hard problem to hash out Intermediate Core Conversations
UX Roadmap to the Issue Queue Revolution User Advocate, tsvenson As a follow up to the proposed session “UX Case: Love and Hate in The Issue Queue Garden” we are proposing a Core Conversation that would lay out a possible roadmap that could revolutionize the... Advanced Core Conversations
Many to One: How FEMA utilized Drupal to Consolidate its Websites and Ultimately Control its Message tinaadinolfi, mtharmon-fema Faced with the challenge to consolidate dozens of FEMA websites, FEMA turned to Drupal to standardize its content management into 3 primary websites. This session is a case study on how FEMA... Beginner Government, Nonprofit, and Education
Value Based Sales Techniques and Drupal jlambert At Workhabit, we've been selling Drupal for more than seven years, to some of the largest organizations in the world. We're going to cover the inside tips that Drupal organizations really need to... Intermediate Business + Strategy
Being Devops Cultured: Building Tools to Empower Teams & Share Culture in FOSS Communities patcon It's way too easy to get flamboyantly excited about all the shiny new tools and accompanying buzz-words that are emerging from the devops realm -- Configuration management tools like Puppy... Intermediate DevOps
Project Management Do's & Don'ts - How to bring a project in on time, on budget daviddeloria, svettes A deep dive into project management practices from both a PMI and business perspective. In this session, we will discuss many of the common pitfalls associated with large and small scale Drupal... Beginner Business + Strategy
Organizing your git workflow with "Git Flow" remydenton, amanire "Git Flow" is a system for organizing branches in git. If you haven't heard of it, you should start by reading developer Vincent Driessen's article that first introduced it: Intermediate DevOps
Off the treadmill: building a common Drupal platform for your organization rickvug Drupal Distributions! We know and love Commons, Open Atrium, Open Publish, COD and other off the shelf projects. But what about your organization’s unique needs and use cases? You want to stop... Beginner Business + Strategy