Marketing and Selling Drupal – A Lively Panel Discussion

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Drupal is at an inflection point. While the recent adoption trends have been positive, the content management system (CMS) space is becoming more competitive. The proprietary CMSs are starting to take notice and the FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) campaigns against Drupal have just begun. In this panel discussion, we will explore and recommend ways to better position, sell, and market Drupal. We will share actual success stories of how large, enterprise-level Drupal deals were won.

We will address items like:

* How does a boutique, Drupal-centric agency win a seven-figure engagement and compete against the behemoth proprietary CMSs?
* How do we grow and evangelize Drupal outside of the existing echo-chamber (i.e. those that are already drinking the Drupal kool-aid)?
* When are request for proposals (RFPs) worth responding to?
* What kind of marketing activities are the most beneficial?
* How can someone get involved with Drupal at the local level?

The moderator and three panelists have a wealth of "in the trenches" experience they can offer. The highlights include:
* An employee of the Drupal Association that has cat-herded and organized numerous marketing activities.
* An owner of an award-winning Drupal agency since 2006.
* The author of a Drupal SEO book and presenter at multiple conferences.
* An organizer of a popular Drupalcamp for four years, two Drupal Business Summits, and one of the top-10 most popular Drupal user groups in the world (according to

We would like to hear from you! What other topics would you like to see covered?

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Wednesday, May 22 - 02:15pm-03:15pm
Hall A1 - Acquia
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Business + Strategy
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Unmissable! The work these people have put into marketing is incredible and the subject increasingly important as Drupal grows and potentially passes the tipping point.

Power-packed panel for sure! This is going to be an outstanding session.

Strong speakers and a great topic. Really looking forward to this session.

Marketing is a pressing issue for all of us in the Drupal space. Many smaller shops don't have the luxury of having a trained marketer on staff and yet it's important that they give it credence as competition for work is only increasing and if you don't set yourself apart and make yourself visible you may have a tough time surviving.

I have been to several of these panels with this crew and this is one of my favorite round-tables every year. It's interesting for me to hear business owners comment on various Drupal-related topics and so I am definitely interesting to hear their thoughts on marketing Drupal.

Looks interesting and insight into choosing RFPs to pursue would be helpful to many.

Highly interested in attending this session. Specifically curious to hear what the panel has to say about growing Drupal outside of the existing echo-chamber, something that I think is critical to the growth and success of Drupal moving forward.

Would having on the panel an enterprise customer or 2 be beneficial to a conversation like this?

Looking forward to attending it